1 potato, 2 potato…..


I’ve learned about a lot of food ingredients in the places that I’ve worked, eaten and things that I read about. There are very few foods that you could eat everyday and not get sick of them (almost everyday…). For the past week I’ve been thinking about potatoes. Potatoes are awesome. There are a ridiculous number of ways to prepare them, and a growing number of varieties to use. I’m not entirely sure if people really appreciate them or take them for granted- I would assume the later for the majority of the population.

Think about this: you order a burger and fries; salty crunchy cravings- potato chips; easter dinner with the local church ladies- scalloped potatoes; comfort food- mashed potatoes; boiled potatoes, roasted potatoes and a whole host of snooty classically prepared potatoes…. There is a potato preparation for everything! You could eat them everyday for a year and not have them the same way.

So why do we consider it the “lowly potato?” I believe it to be in this category because it’s so readily available, and it’s pigeon-holed into stereo-typical fries, mash or boiled. It’s too bad- it doesn’t take a trained chef to make a good potato. It’s simple really- know what potato to use for which preparation, and use excellent tasting add-ins. It’s easy to find out about potatoes and ways to use them- just click and go, or my favorite: reading actual books.

Next time you are at the market or in the grocery store- buy a new potato and look for a new way to use it….
A few awesome pairings with potatoes: DUCK FAT!!!!! Butter!!! Truffle, cheese (real cheddar- not plastic, blue cheese, goat cheese, any good cheese…..), herbs, smoked paprika, onions, eggs, tomato, sour cream/ creme fraiche, bacon, duck confit…… and infinite other possibilities…..

PS- Thank you to clipart for this wonderful stock photo of a potato.


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