Is Big Brother real?

This is completely not the first post I was expecting to write on my blog. About a month ago, I started a blog on and I haven’t been happy with the speed of the host. Loading pix, changing widgets, and even posting was really slow, I’d only gotten about 7 posts in before I discovered my dislike for my blog host. I have used before, so I decided to go back to it again- so I set up an account, with the same name “freerangekitchen” as the other, that’s when the creepy “somebody’s watching” feeling started.

I tried to log onto to rescue my content- I did write it, I don’t want it floating in cyberspace with no purpose. The blog host didn’t load, a broken link I think it was. As previously mentioned, this site was iffy sometimes- so I figured I’d try back later.I did- nothin’. I tried the other computer in the office. Nothin’. I used Matt’s smartphone- finally!! Success!! I tried to log in, and I got another broken link, after repeated tries on the phone, the blog site would NOT load. All of this went on for 3 days. I finally got my friend to go on to from her computer, then copy and paste everything for me, which she did- she opened a Google Doc for me to access. I thought that Google was the parent company behind in order to use the analytics and a few other things on the blog site, I had to create a google account…… I couldn’t open the document on Google Doc. My friend had to transfer ownership of the document to me, so that I was able to open it.

I have read 1984 by George Orwell and now I feel like I’ve experienced it. Whether or not I’m paranoid, or this was monitoring by Google, it was very eerie. From here on in, most of the posts should be at the very least be food related.


4 thoughts on “Is Big Brother real?

  1. Welcome to the food blogging world and I’m happy to see you’ve chosen WordPress. But if I’ve learned anything in my short time food blogging it’s that what I set out to post about is never what I actually post about. But maybe that’s just me and my weakness for giving into tangents 🙂

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