Our 2 dogs like to play with the wildlife around our farm- up to this point this has included raccoons, chickens, ducks, geese, mice and cats. Until a few weekends ago. Please add skunk to the list.

What. A. Stench. We live on a farm, so it’s not like I’ve never smelled skunk before- up close and personal, it’s a whole different beast. If you’ve ever made pickles, you would know what I mean when I say the “the hot vinegar smell that goes straight to the back of your throat and gives you heartburn,” as it turns out, skunks have their own special version of this that’s 500 times worse. I let Keemu (our husky) and Gus (our shepherd puppy) out and knew within about 3 minutes that they chose the wrong play buddy.

We’d been up at 1 AM and then 3 AM to keep an eye on our pig who was in labor, then I was off to market at 430AM while Matt stayed home bravely (you don’t want to know) making sure our future berkshire bacon was okay. After a week of getting up during the night to make sure the pigs were comfortable/ not in labor, it didn’t surprise me that this happened today. So here we are, 10PM. Skunk. After an hour of scrubbing the dogs in the recipe that follows, I had realized that we had 2 squinty eyed dogs. The skunk had got them in the face, so of course I got soap in their eyes. The following day, one dog was okay, the other was walking around with his eyes closed. Can this get any better????? He’s walking into walls, my legs…. Sunday, vet’s closed….

After a day of fighting with Gus to let us flush out his eyes- as per the vet (the flushing, not the fighting), we had 2 non-blind dogs.

The following recipe is one you should keep on hand. Trust me.
1 L hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 teaspoon dish detergent
Mix well and use immediately.


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