Eggs- a packaged little marvel

We have chickens, and they lay eggs. While we haven’t figured out which came first, the chicken or the egg- we have figured out that eggs are a source of entertainment and delight. We’ve had white, brown, tan, blue, green and pink, teeny, small, medium, large and jumbo, chicken, quail, turkey, duck and goose, no yolk, single yolk, jumbo yolk, double yolk and triple yolk, rough shell, smooth shell, texture shell, extra thick shell and soft shell.

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. It takes 21 days for a chicken to hatch in the appropriate conditions, 16 for a quail, roughly 28 for a duck, turkey and goose. Despite what most people think, the egg white actually ends up being the chicken and the egg yolk is its nutrients. This may be unappetizing to some, but (without getting preachy), I really believe before you can truly appreciate what you are consumming, you should have an understanding of where it comes from. It freaks me out when I overthink it, but I live on a farm and this is reality. Our food needs to come from somewhere.

Back to eggs. They also have a yin and yang- the egg whites are the healthier, no fat half and the yolk are the luscious, creamy fattier side. Separately they do wonderous things- meringues and creme brulee, souffles and hollandaise…. Together, they are unbeatable- cakes, scrambled, fried, frittata…. They can be light and airy or exquisitely rich.

While I love pretty much any preparation of eggs, and I do have favorites. My all-time favorite was a deep-fried quail egg that we made for a special dinner when I was working at the winery- I will never forget this egg: crispy, creamy, rich and tiny. Second in line is a well done scrambled- by well done I mean cooked properly: heated gently and stirred slowly with big curds, cooked until there was still a little creamy (undercooked) egg, it continues to cook as it sits, thereby not being overcooked and rubbery, but not raw. And third is every other way- in curds, cookies, ice cream, quiche, and the innumerable othe preperations that are to awesome to choose individuals. What’s your favorite?


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