And the winner is…..

In case you needed a reminder, I had a contest going for about 2 weeks (see below for details)…..

Contest #1- Deadline: April 15, 2012 I’m super stoked that people that I don’t know are actually reading my blog! (Thank you very much!) In order to celebrate, I’ll pick a random person who either commented or follows me and send you a prize of 2 bags of our homemade biscotti. (We sell it at Market and here at the farm- almond, and chocolate hazelnut). Good luck, and thanks again!!!

To do it fair and square, I used And now it’s time to announce the winner!!! Insert drumroll here……. Congratulations to the Melbourne Food Snob!!! You will be sent a bag of each almond biscotti and chocolate hazelnut biscotti. Hope you enjoy them!!!


4 thoughts on “And the winner is…..

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