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A lovely blogger had a great idea, one that involves homework- homework I would have done every night while I was in school with no procrastination. Go and eat cake. Yes, you read that correctly. Minnybites has come up with the idea of re-uniting the blogging community through eating cake (cookies, cupcakes and other sugary delights are also acceptable), and who am I to argue.

In case you want to participate:

I really didn’t know where to start on this, I don’t have favorites from anywhere around here, we moved back to the East Coast after living in Ontario for a while and I’ve been too busy to secure any favorites, and there is a lack of inspired sweet-treats here in New Brunswick. Fredericton has a wonderful network of “buy local” participants, but, I personally have found, quality seems to be compromised when it comes to the actual product. We were in Moncton recently, so I thought to search out a place there.We found a place and happily went it with a fresh $20. We went a little crazy, Matt and I thought that it would be better to have options and pick a favorite: German chocolate cake, carrot cake, a faux”Ah Caramel” and a black forest cake.  After carefully arranging our bakery box in the van, ensuring no pancake-ing would happen, we set off for home.We also decided that it would be a much better idea to skip supper completely and go straight for the project at hand. Essentially, we wanted cake- Thank you, Miss Minny!!!

As it turns out, this bakery uses only the best add-water mixes on the market. They tasted like the universal, big chain bakery norm. Plastic-y frosting, synthetic cream…. What a bummer. So we scrapped the first place because we felt our tastebuds were cheated of real cream, butter and other un-test tube born ingredients.

We attend the market every Saturday morning, so we thought this would be a better option. We are a few stalls down from Hans, a grumpy on the outside, friendly on the inside kind of guy. He owns a place called Baking Paradise in downtown Fredericton, we have had his stuff before as we usually trade a loaf of seed bread for a jug of our apple cider. Every once and a while he has something different, this week he had strawberry cheesecake. Obviously, this was our new target.

Hans is German, and he does things the way he learned from his Dad back in Germany. This means his version of cheesecake is not rich or dense, nor does it sit in the bottom of your stomach for 12 hours after consumming. To start with- it was pretty. Among the sea of pastries and breads at Hans’ stall, this stood out.This cheesecake comprised of a layer of vanilla sponge, strawberry cream cheese mousse, another layer of vanilla cake, and is topped with a thin layer of strawberry buttercream and a strawberry.

The vanilla cake was moist, and nicely sweetened. It wasn’t crumbly, which I find sometimes is a problem with cakes like this- you go to take a bite and the mousse falls away from the cake and then you have two separate desserts. The strawberry mousse was light and airy, with a hint of cream cheese decadence.

I would say this is worth the $3.75 for sure- especially when you compare it to how much the ready-mixes were from the other place. The only criticism is constructive- it was good, but if it had a strawberry jam somewhere amonst the pretty pink and white cake, it would packed a better strawberry punch. It needed just a little bit more of that flavor and I would be eating this every time Hans had it. In case you are ever hanging out in Fredericton, NB- Hans (business name: Baking Paradise) is at the Boyce Market every Saturday from 6AM to 1PM, and he also has a shop at 608 Queen Street. And remember he’s only grumpy on the outside.

His vendor profile:


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