Versatile Blogger Nomination & Nominees

Before I write anything else: Thank you Eclectic Faerie  ( for the nomination!! I have to admit I needed to find out what this meant exactly, I’ve seen it on a few sites, but hadn’t really “got it”. What a great encouragment for bloggers from their peers…Not to mention it makes it feel a little more like a community and less like the black hole of cyber space.

So here’s what I am to understand I must complete- I feel like this is a quest, I should have a sword… or maybe a donut:
1- Nominate and contact 15-20 bloggerific bloggers
2-Thank the person who nominated you (insert another shout out to Eclectic Faerie-
3-Let loose and share 7 things about myself

So my nominations…. I will be honest, I was stuck in a rut of about 7 blogs that I was obsessively reading older posts, so I’ve spent the last few days reading some new blogs, and to my delight- they are scrumptious. I couldn’t figure out how to get the name to be the link (we’re on day 3 on that…), so I am afraid this looks a little rookie-ish.

Fed Up
Trials in Food
30 Pounds of Apples
Jereme’s Kitchen
The best thing I ever ate…. and then some
Onion Goggles
Verses from my Kitchen
And he cooks
Sean’s Adventures in Flavor Town
The Plain Bagel
The Hungry Irishman
The Heavy Cream Queen

And my big 7:
1- I lived in a greenhouse for 4 weeks- an actual greenhouse, not a converted one.
2- I went to hockey school when I was 16 and I didn’t know how to skate (they never asked if I could….)
3- I just had the first major haircut of my life and I am 30.
4- I have a best friend who snorts when she laughs and I LOVE it!
5- I wish I were more outgoing.
6- I worked in Nantucket, Mass. for a summer.
7- “I want to make cheese” is my retirement plan.


3 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Nomination & Nominees

  1. i wouldn’t be at all opposed to living in a greenhouse ~ how was it?

    i love seeing more canadian blogs ~ i lived in bc for several years and have nothing but very very fond memories

    “i want to make cheese” sounds like a fine future prospect!

    • There were alot of crickets! It was fun- and I get a kick out of telling people….
      Canada’s a great food place- people just need to let some reservations go!
      We’re just building our goat herd….I’ll keep you posted on the cheese front…

  2. i think you are onto something…every nominee should be armed with something…like a spatula or rolling pin….a donut will do too. 😉 congrats on the award!

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