The Lean Green Bean Exchange April 2012

Earlier this month I signed on for a Foodie Pen Pal with Lindsay at – it’s a program for food lovers, you put your name into Lindsay’s hat and she picks you a person to send to and someone else to send to you. You have a $15 budget for spending, a date to send it by, and a date to post on. I, however, had some technical diffinculties and owe my foodie pen pal a huge apology!! I wrote my post in time for publishing, lost it, redid it and lost it. After 4 hours of writing, I was a little bummed and had to go to bed. This is the first chance I’ve had to repost.

My foodie penpal was a rockstar- it was like she had a little window into my brain, I actually had to put my box away so I wouldn’t scarf everything immediately. Home-made goodies, treats from the West coast and a few of her favorite things….

I think my absolute favorite item was the dark chocolate bar with fleur de sel- often times I find that even though the salt was mentioned, it’s usually just a sprinkle on top,  but this bar meant business. It was fabulicious. Dark, bitter and Salty (capital S)!!! I only allow myself a square at a time and then I have to put it away….

Also in the box was these mysterious crackers called banaBickies. I would like to know who the genious was that decided to make banana bread into chips- I am totally stealing this idea! I’ve actually already made them, and now Matt is addicted, this will stay on the active list for a while…

There were some home-made goodies that I absolutely adored- rhubarb and ginger jelly, preserved lemon, kale chips, gluten free cookies and (insert drumroll here) chocolate bark- love it!!! She also made some treats for our dogs, that I tried to get a picture of, but the dogs literally scarfed them!

There are a few things I haven’t tried yet, as the box I received was very generous- I am completely ecstatic about receiving some beluga lentils, they pretty much don’t exist out here in the East Coast, it’s actually been about 5 years since I’ve had the pleasure…. She included a recipe involving truffle oil that I must try! There was also some flavoured salt that was packaged very prettily and a lolli-pop (tangerine and clove). Thanks again to my foodie penpal!


8 thoughts on “The Lean Green Bean Exchange April 2012

  1. Hey that’s cool you guys! Glad you loved the idea as I am the genious who invented the unique idea of a snappy banana biscuit….Just discovered your sight as I was Googling banaBickies just for fun! Yes, baked and you’re right…lower the temp…We have special ovens for this of course producing them on a commercial scale. We also make chocoziniBickies, cranaBickies and a savoury parmeBickies….all really yummy! Glad you enjoyed the idea!

  2. Yup…chocolate zucchini…Thanks for the compliment…kinda fun! It’s been a journey, but rewarding…working on other stuff to launch hopefully soon.
    Love your sight…keep it up!

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