Fun times at the Farm

It’s been a long week this week… We opened the restaurant for the season and we had our second annual spring event. Our customers and friends were invited to come out to the farm and plant a pumpkin plant, eat some farm-raised pork sausages, farm-raised slow cooked BBQ pulled beef, fiddlehead and farm bacon chowder, have some homemade ice cream or apple cider slush. There were wagon rides, an apple orchard full of blossoms to walk through, baby animals to visit…

Last year was our first year open here at the farm, and we were trying to come up with a way to get people to take a 40 minute drive from the city and visit us. And then get them to come back. There are a lot of apple orchards around here, and they have families that have been going to them for generations- we needed something different that everyone else doesn’t have: naive, youthful enthusiasm! Everyone else with orchard around here are in their late 50’s at the very youngest. So, we cooked up this idea of pumpkin planting- pay a small fee, decorate your stake with your name and whatever else you would like to add, plant your plant. After that we take care of it, you are wecome to visit it, then in the fall come and harvest a pumpkin.

This past fall, after we had a tumultuous year- opening a restaurant, not being able to staff it and because of this, being inconsistent with what we were able to provide (having pies, then not at market, no this, no that, etc)- we decided to have a customer appreciation event because everyone was so supportive and patient in our learning crisis curve. It was a pig roast, lots of games, apple and pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving/ painting, games for the kids, more wagon rides… and the guests paid what they thought it was worth. We had 350 people show up. Holy shit. Seriously. It was awesome.

I wish we had the energy to do this more often- it’s so cool to see people that don’t experience farm life everyday appreciate what we forget to. We’ve already got plans to do a few more family fun events- a field day, a tomato festival, and probably more that we haven’t thought of yet….


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