Bread leftovers update….

Yesterday I posted about the uses of leftover bread, and today I have an update. My list of things to do gres steadily, so what I wanted to get done, and had time for ended up being to completely separate entities- they actually never co-habitate…. One of the projects I wanted to experiment with was using the bread crumbs as a hot cereal mix, and the plan was to use the cornbread crumbs. I had begun dehydrating the cornbread (quick bread) before I had discovered grinding before drying, but because it was pretty crumbly to begin with, so grinding was not an ordeal.

After grinding, I went and did some dishes so I could think about what I thought it should be like. I was a little worried it was just going to be polenta- which I love anyway, but that’s notwhat I was going for. I actually was thinking more along the lines of a sweet cornbread dessert pudding-like substance. Keeping in mind that the cornbread was made up of eggs, buttermik, butter and enough dry ingredients just to moisten, I chose to use 35% cream cut with water- creamy with a little less guilt.

The resulting product was indeed the creamy sweet dessert that was pudding-like and delicious! Matt was uber-skeptical about these projects, he thought the leftovers would make better pig feed- but then he ate half the pot and said it should be on the menu. Creamy with a bit of texture, reminiscent of tapioca. I added a thin layer of sugar and torched it with the blowtorch for a crunchy texture- we ate it warm, so it never actually firmed up completely. I would recommend eating it warm- it’s like a hug.

Cornbread Pudding
250 g water
200 g 35 % cream
100 g cornbread crumbs
40 g sugar
salt to taste
1 tsp vanilla
Heat the water and cream in a small pot over medium high heat until simmering. Whisk in crumbs, turn heat down to medium low, continue to whisk to prevent sticking and burning. Cook out until thick- big bubbles will rise to the surface quickly, they spit so be careful! This takes about 7-10 minutes, Remove from heat and add sugar, vanilla and salt. Serve warm with stewed fruit, ice cream or bruleed on top. Fresh corn would also be delish in here!


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