I am sitting here, eating breakfast- which includes my very first harvest of milk from our new dairy cow, Daisy. She is a lovely tempered Guernsey, with yellow colored high fat milk- which thus far has made the best cappuccino I have every had. And adds the perfect amount of creaminess to my oat & semolina pudding….breakfast

We have been talking about buying a milking cow for a while- we eat a ridiculous amount of dairy, it’s really not normal. I LOVE cheese and have always wanted to make it. Getting daily posts from Wedge in the Round about all of the fabulous cheeses that we couldn’t get was driving me crazy- so we took the plunge and bought a milking cow.



I think Daisy is pretty amazing so far, despite her constant need to poop. She is really gentle and seems to understand that I have really no idea what I am doing, she tries to accommodate me as best she can going from a 10 minute efficient milking session to a clumsy 40 minute one….

(Look at the cream!! It’s so yellow!)

I hope you are excited as I am to see what cultured creations I get to create and report on- I’ve got about 30 liters of milk waiting for me as we speak…


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