This is me!

In the daily routine of life, things can get a little…. routine. You know how it goes- you do something so often that you don’t even realize that it’s become a habit instead a labour of love, like brushing your teeth. Lately, I haven’t been making the time to break the routine, and do something I really look forward to- this is my attempt to change that. The plan is to write about food. Opinions, recipes, reviews, disasters…. whatever I feel like.

I am a cook/ chef, trained and certified in both the culinary and pastry arts. I’ve worked in Nantucket, Prince Edward Island and the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario. I live on a farm in the Village of Gagetown, New Brusnwick, with Matt (we’re not married, he’s more then my boyfriend, fiance feels too pretentious and partner just sounds weird) and our 2 dogs- Keemu (white dog) and Gus (tan and black), along with goats, cows, sheep, pigs, turkeys, a bunch of chickens and a handful of evil geese. Generally speaking, we bite off wayyyy more then we can chew,- like opening a restaurant with a staff of one- but somehow manage to keep our heads above water- almost.

A quick note about the black dog in the photos: We had Rudy for 4 fantastic years, he was diagnosed with cancer the end of October 2011, we had to put him down a few short weeks later. I miss him everyday.



4 thoughts on “This is me!

  1. Totally a strange thing to pick out from your about page, but I laughed out loud reading “(we’re not married, he’s more then my boyfriend, fiance feels too pretentious and partner just sounds weird).” I can totally relate to that. When I was with my ex, I struggled with what to call him as we too were not married but boyfriend sounds so juvenile. Even now that we’re no longer together I struggle – we’ve remained best friends but that doesn’t seem to really explain the gist of it. I always end up saying “my ex who is also my best friend..” hah hah.

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